not a cake anymore


Why can't you go to a restaurant with... your own food? Sergey Mironov told this to subscribers in social networks. The restaurateur shared that he hears such questions from guests all the time.

"We are asked: let us go with your shrimps, fish, oysters — this list can be continued indefinitely. ⠀
But most often it sounds: and why does the restaurant not allow you to bring your "pastry"?
Is it out of spite, or do the "restaurant dealers" just want to make more money on the guests?

In my opinion, the position of the restaurant here can be understood.
Let's say you bought or ordered a cake from someone and take it to a restaurant. At the same time, you have no idea from which products (and with what expiration date) it was made. Perhaps even - they were molded right at home, in someone's kitchen, spitting on all sanitary norms. And (God forbid, of course) after your holiday, guests will be poisoned by catching some salmonellosis, rotavirus, staphylococci, hepatitis A - the list here is simply huge

Who will be responsible in this case? That's right, the restaurant. If this happens, he will face huge fines, closure for up to 90 days and even criminal liability for the director.
And the restaurant will not explain that it is not in business: evidence that the guests brought food or food with them will not even be considered, because it is the restaurant that bears full responsibility for what the guests ate within its walls.
Guests may object: they say we buy cakes from trusted confectioners in the right place. You are, and others are not — and how will the restaurant understand this?
Therefore, in restaurants, when asked "and we want to bring our own cake", you will almost certainly be told no and they will be right.
Well, those restaurants that still allow you to bring your "pastry", in fact, are not loyal to guests at all. They simply do not suspect how it will end for them sooner or later," the founder of Meat & Fish conveyed his position to readers
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