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Sergey Mironov shared with readers the details of a two-day trip to Saratov with Tatiana Mineeva and a team of ombudsmen.

"What do I get from such trips? As a hunter, I kill a whole bunch of hares:

Firstly, this is public work, which is in the first place for me today: if in Moscow we have established a dialogue with the authorities and learned to understand each other, then many regions are still very far away from this. Well, in the conditions of pandemic restrictions - if this interaction is not established - most of the business (at least the restaurant) simply will not survive.
On such trips, I speak to the local community of entrepreneurs, explain how to interact with the authorities.
And I explain to the authorities why their business may not survive, why it is necessary to change the vector of interaction, lay out how to do it and give Moscow as an example. I make sure to speak in several media outlets in order to consolidate what I said earlier, and so that those who need it can then review the interview or re-read it (and there is almost always an effect from this)

Such trips are usually attended by ombudsmen-leaders in their industries. We exchange working cases, study each other's approaches to solving different problems. And we are getting closer to understanding these very problems in different industries — which is also very important for me (here I usually find the necessary and important contacts)

The third is the travel itself in Russia. I love nature, architecture of different cities. And trips around our country always "charge" me more than trips abroad. We have already been with the ombudsmen, we have already been to Kaliningrad, Ulyanovsk, rafting on the Pra River — here are just a few of our bright trips from those that were this year

We always combine work with rest. For example, one day we were at the hunting farm "Badger", went there to the bathhouse with an excellent bath attendant, ate delicious crayfish, game, drank mulled wine by the fire. This is exactly what gives a reboot, a chance to completely switch from everyday work, forget about
the hassle,
and I have acquired a lot of friends during this time: there are no random people in our team— and only real friends go to a new business trip of the ombudsmen," Sergey Mironov told subscribers of his social networks
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