tea ceremony


In the new year on the menu "Meat & Fish" appeared not only new dishes, but also new bright drinks.

Our barista chef worked out recipes and prepared teas of masala and matte in the format "latte." After all, in his opinion, it is so much more interesting: to combine traditional teas with milk foam and latte art.

Mattya latte is prepared from tea matches with foamed milk. Such a drink is very popular in America and Europe, and fans of matte latte appreciate it for its soft texture and pleasant taste.

By serve it resembles a cappuccino, it is even served in coffee cups, only it turns out to be bright green.

And masala is a traditional Indian tea based on a mixture of spices, black tea and milk. It contains cinnamon and ginger, badian and cardamom, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg and other spices. We prepare latte masals on the principle of cappuccino, with gentle foamed milk. And when combined with spices and tea, it gives a pleasant warming effect.

"I usually drink either cappuccino or raf or flash white myself, and I am very interested in whether such new drinks will go at us, or whether they are more suitable for trendy coffee houses, rather than for restaurants," - said about the innovations Sergey Mironov.
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