saving and hanging out


The founder of Meat & Fish explained to reporters how the situation is developing and why corporate parties have changed a lot lately.

"In Moscow, you won't find a table for New Year's Eve now in the daytime with fire, and in regions with restrictions, the situation is, of course, different.

But about everything in order: back in the fall, articles went out that at the end of 2020, more than 60% of companies refused to sit with colleagues in restaurants, and now everything is coming back to normal. That's just the "corporates" are now increasingly rolling up ... right in the offices

And in general: the very nature of corporate parties has changed. Large companies rent restaurants or halls entirely less and less, departments (companies of 10-15 people each) began to walk more often — in short, it is obvious that people are already throwing off themselves for festive get-togethers with colleagues, and firms and enterprises are clearly saving at employee events this year.

The demand for catering has also grown again, but how do restaurants feel about all this?

On the one hand, restaurants will try to make money on catering (they already write that the average check for such services has increased by 30%). That's just whether it will work out — after all, the field service was not popular in the coronacrisis and it sank a lot, and then the delivery that became sharply popular also hit him in the gut.

The restaurants themselves seem to be doing well: New Year's nights are sold out, table reservations are standing, tourists from the regions are coming. But - I repeat - only Moscow is doing well in this sense. Friends, do you celebrate a corporate party? And where, if yes?", - Sergey Mironov asked subscribers
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