The chief is always full


On June 19 the owner "Мясо&Рыба" has breakfast about a brand chief.

This day Sergey Lobachev made an unusual breakfast.

But not at one of restaurants of network, and in the final of the competition "Moscow Masters" where 11 professionals - literally - "at daggers points" found out, which of them the best cook.

Competition subject this year - a capital breakfast.

It was necessary to prepare eggs, grain and cereals dishes, and pastries.

The brand chief of our restaurants fed jury with klubsky porridge with smoked venison and mushroom mousse, omelet with cream cheese and corned beef from an elk. And for a dessert offered cheesecake in a biscuit with ice cream from sour cream with blue tea.

Master classes, gastrolaboratoriya, tastings - gastronomic "party" was successful wonderfully well.

"I consider that similar festivals are very useful both to beginners, and to "mastodons" of our sphere", - Sergey Mironov commented.

By the way, he has breakfast as a result about a brand chief - the champion: Sergey Lobachev

became the silver prize-winner of a competition.
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