lockdown results


The founder of "Meat & Fish" summed up the results of the new wave of "crown" in his social networks. Sergey Mironov assessed the economic consequences of the "quarantine" for Moscow and the regions.

"I think that it did not work out all over the country as a whole, because each region set its own restrictions," the restaurateur wrote about the lockdown in his social networks.
He stressed that somewhere the business was closed, and somewhere everything was working in full swing, and most people just moved there

"For example, in Sochi last week it was crowded, and in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the business clearly followed all the instructions of the authorities and was closed

How did the restaurants work out in the end? In the regions where everything was closed, delivery aggregators, pizzerias, sushi and burgers started working, and the establishments that were allowed to work (restaurants in hotels and enterprises) were doing well. And it was easier for restaurants with more "sophisticated" cuisine to close.
Those who tried this lockdown earn on shipping, more lost (average shipping in the ordinary restaurant was 8-10%, in which to keep the restaurant open, of course, completely unprofitable)

Some of our colleagues managed to jump over your head and hold on the delivery of up to 20%, but this result is, in fact, nothing is given (in the closed restaurant money they would save more).
The regions that introduced "kuars" received a drop in revenue from 50 to 80%. There are regions where revenue sank less, but they were simply not checked - hence such unique results.

Well, the main question now is: will restaurants close? Where they opened after all the restrictions, they have a chance: they will find money, plug the holes and get out. In the same place where QR remained, restaurants, in my opinion, are doomed to close (it's just a matter of time).
Yes, where there were "kuars" and there was no complete closure, there were much fewer losses, but restaurants today simply will not be able to work on "kuars" for several months in the long term, and many will decide to close and bankruptcy, simply not seeing prospects for returning to normal life," Sergey Mironov wrote.
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