Stolypin Forum


In September, Sergei Mironov became the moderator of two sites of the Stolypin Forum at the same time on the basis of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

When will businesses verify regulations before they are adopted, rather than running around frantically trying to fix them?

When will industry experts be involved in the development of these very regulations?

Finally: how to make the business feel secure in each region? And so that (as in Moscow) in every corner of our country there were and work their own headquarters for the protection of business?

What should be done to make the restrictions introduced in the regions ... adequate to the situation? So that they do not suppress and stifle the business, but help it get out of the post-image situation with the least losses?

Such topics were raised on the first day, when Sergei Mironov held the session “SMEs: Fall or Push Up”.

The participants in the discussion were entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko, head of the Moscow headquarters for business protection Anatoly Maltsan and public ombudsman for the beauty industry Nina Litvinova.

Public Ombudsman for Small and Medium Business Anastasia Tatulova acted as the second moderator of the site, and the Minister of Economic Development of the Kaliningrad Region Dmitry Kuskov connected via video link and told how they are doing in the region. At the end of the discussion, Boris Titov, the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights, joined the participants.

On the second day, Sergey Mironov held a restaurant-themed platform here

We discussed with colleagues how the industry survived covid. We came to the conclusion that it is too early to relax, because the rumors about a new wave have not yet been canceled. Other topics were also relevant.

Why is fast food on a horse?

How did the delivery operators play into the hands of restaurateurs and - in fact - helped organize their own delivery?

What changes should soon take place in the administrative code so that entrepreneurs are not fined in vain and do not become automatic violators?

And finally: what's next for the restaurant industry tomorrow?

Participants in the Fancy Catering: How Has the Industry Recovered from Covid? became the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Rosinter Restaurants Holding Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky, entrepreneur and owner of the Ecoofis group of companies, the Sunflowers ART & Food food court and the Grebnevo estate, Andrey Kovalev, restaurateur, co-owner and CEO of Black Star Foods Yuri Levitas and vice-president of the fish association Artem Lomize, and Igor Bukharov, president of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia, joined us via video link.

And in person, Boris Titov again looked into the light under the curtain.