meat without meat


Who is for, and who is against plant meat? This question was addressed to subscribers by Sergey Mironov. In his social networks, the founder of Meat & Fish said that he decided to introduce a burger in the menu of restaurants, in which... no meat.

True, so far -- as an experiment.

"What's better than a juicy farm beef steak? And if this steak is already ready, plus is also cheaper than in the store?

In my opinion, without options. Moreover, no matter what "artificial" cutlets they invent (and no matter how much they are told about the benefits), here - as in the old advertisement: "Nothing will replace meat in sausage"

And all this experimental "pseudomyaso" at the exit is always... more expensive than the original.

But what was my surprise when once at the tasting all our "eaters" unanimously voted for... non-natural cutlet. Moreover: the focus group said that it sees almost no difference, it is so delicious to them. Personally, I have little faith in the success of this dish, but in the post such a burger still decided to launch - as an experiment.

How we prepare it: grease a lean bun with barbecue sauce, sprinkle with finely chopped bulb onions and put a cutlet of plant meat (it contains pea and soy protein). Tomato slices, Iceberg salad and grilled squash lie on the cutlet, and on top of all this we water with the original manga dressing, "Sergey Mironov made posts on Facebook and Instagram.

The restaurateur also asked readers and subscribers to share their opinions on the novelty from the lean menu. And then, if the guests succeed, a burger with plant meat will get every chance to migrate to the main menu.
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