Bright for a hot summer


On kvass or kefir? And why not on ... matsoni !

The founder of "Meat&Fish" told subscribers in social networks about a delicious and non-standard novelty: the brightest okroshka appeared on the menu of restaurants. We are still talking only about the lunch menu, and you can try okroshka in the next two weeks.

"I tried okroshka on matsoni for the first time in one of the Sochi restaurants when I was at their gastro marathon in May. It was there that I ordered okroshka on matsoni with rapan and tarragon. The dish was so "gone" to me that I decided: it would fit perfectly into our concept.

Rapans and crispy radishes, potatoes and green onions, eggs, pickled cucumbers, and also dill, horseradish and mustard (for sharpness and piquancy) and, of course, matzoni with tarragon — this was our okroshka in the end.

This dish is what you need for a stuffy Moscow summer. In my opinion, we succeeded, and now I will wait for your feedback. Come and have lunch with us! ",- Sergey Mironov made the publication.