Success of negotiations


Is it possible to negotiate with the authorities? Does she hear business? Sergey Mironov gave an illustrative example of such productive negotiations. The founder of "Meat&Fish" told subscribers in social networks that agreements with an official can be reached only in two cases: if a businessman defends his position with arguments, and an official "understands" the interests of entrepreneurs and the country's economy. In support of his words, Sergey Mironov published a story.

"From January 1, all alcohol entering the enterprise (no matter in a restaurant or, for example, a store) had to be recorded in the USAIS on the same working day, without regard to what time it is brought in

(the corresponding Order No. 397 of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya was issued on December 17, 2020 and registered on December 29). Naturally, no one had time to do this normally in the end: deliveries could be made at any time, sometimes after a working day, and you can't put an overseer to every employee responsible for receiving alcohol in a restaurant, and you can't do it so that a person, say, does not postpone it for the next morning. As a result, the business flew into huge sums, because the penalty for non-compliance with such a rule (for a legal entity) was from 150 to 200 thousand rubles for each delivery. These fines were not immediately assessed, as all industries were affected by the pandemic. But the statute of limitations for this violation is 1 year, which means that all this would have been added later.

With this question, I went to the head of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya. Igor Alyoshin and I sat down at the table and figured out that, in fact, it is impossible to perform all of the above without penalties. Then we agreed that restaurants will be allocated at least 24 hours to confirm the delivery of alcohol to the USAIS (regardless of when the alcohol arrived at the restaurant). And finally, the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation approved such changes by Order No. 185 of May 26 (registered on June 1, 2021)

This rule will come into force on September 1 (it will be valid until January 1, 27), and we separately agreed that those of our colleagues who have already managed to "get on fines" (and there are actually a lot of such restaurants, and they can be charged multi-million fines), will not be fined.

Many thanks to Igor Aleshin for his desire to understand the situation and deal with it. If every manager is also focused on discussing business problems and solving them, we will still have a completely different country, " Sergey Mironov wrote.