feasting and circuses


"For me, the "FEAST" has long been a traditional meeting place with colleagues. I caught myself thinking that I see many people live only once a year and right here.⠀

Social networks, chats, messengers, Skype, zooms have replaced the same live communication for us

A man comes up, claps on the shoulder: "Sergei, hello, how are you?! What's new with your labeling? Will you beat us off?" I look into the face and don't understand who it is

Only then do I realize that a person constantly reads me on Facebook, and for him I am an old acquaintance, an interlocutor and almost a friend. And I just don't recognize him.

Somehow it becomes sad from all this… But maybe this is the essence of our time with its high speeds? Maybe this is the evolution of communication?", - Sergey Mironov shared his thoughts.

And the restaurateur showed the brightest and most colorful moments of the "feast" to the subscribers of his social networks in the photo
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