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Sergey Mironov met and discussed business problems with the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Tatyana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister Alexey Khersontsev, heads of the Chamber of Commerce, "Supports of Russia", "Business Russia", Head of the SME Corporation Alexander Isaevich and representatives of the Council of the SME Corporation.

Sergey Mironov raised the following questions in front of the audience:

1. Why do restrictions in the regions turn into excesses? And (instead of thoughtful ones) they become illogical, unpleasant, unnecessary to anyone

2. The carried out reform of the CND.

(laws are changing, becoming more feasible and logical, but people on the ground remain the same. So it is necessary to change these people first of all. Civil servants should work not on the principle of "punish and close", but on the principle of "support and develop business")

3. Regulatory guillotine: (on the one hand, we got rid of excessive norms, and on the other — others are accepted without any meetings with the business, without a normal expert assessment. And, in order not to multiply obviously impossible norms, any regulatory act should be adopted only after its verification by industry experts)

4. The question of training (when a young specialist comes to our field after college, we have to teach him anew, because all he knows how to do is win competitions and cook those dishes that restaurants don't really need today. But he does not know how to manage and administer processes.

In my opinion, business should also be involved in this process. So that the training of young people eventually fulfills the industry order, and does not go by itself)

Sergey Mironov also raised the issue of marking an "Honest Sign" in restaurants.

Some of the questions at the meeting were immediately taken into development
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