informally about business


How he went to success.

This is how Sergei Miranda jokingly called the theme of this meeting.

At his food court "Sunflower" its owner Andrei Kovalev held a business lecture, in which the owner of "Meat & Fish" asked to participate.

Sergey Mironov told about where his restaurants began, for which the guest appreciates the menu "Meat & Fish," how many more restaurants he plans to open in the future and where exactly.

How do I start my "restaurant business"? How is it right to "enlarge" so that you don't "eat yourself"? Whether the restaurant should delegate authority - the second part of the evening was held in question-and-answer format.

The meeting came out warm and informal. Under the curtain Sergey Miranda thanked organizers for the invitation, and participants - for new, useful dating.
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