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In "Meat & Fish" - replenishment: immediately 79 students came to restaurants for practice.

From February to April, freshmen of the RANEPA Academy will learn the basics of the waiter and bartender profession here, and sophomores (those guys who already practiced a year ago) will be the hall administrator. But this is not the limit: if a trainee really burns with work, if he is interested in getting real experience, earn first money - restaurants are waiting for both in the third and fourth year. How the manager and director of the restaurant work, what the coach does - experienced mentors will help dip into all this, and the most motivated senior students always have a chance to become part of the team later.

This cooperation has been going on with the RANEPA Academy for seven years. But why do we need all this? After all, working with trainees is not a simple matter. Remuneration for the children, payments to their mentors, catering - all this is quite excessive. But only in this way does young people acquire much more than for all the time they study books, or, say, rubbing spoons with forks in some restaurant in the so-called "practice."

By the way, this year (in addition to RANEPA) Meat & Fish also collaborates with the College of Services No. 10. 20 students from there will try themselves in restaurants as assistants to cooks and pastry chefs.

"I myself once stood behind the bar counter, then rose to managerial positions, and later the Meat & Fish project appeared. And I am convinced that this is how to invest in the future shift - the task of every restaurateur. Receiving from the restaurant market, we must give him something in return (for example, qualified personnel). We are able to take trainees to ourselves, provide them with salaries and experienced mentors. After all, this is the only way we will provide our market not with great theorists, but with those who truly appreciate our profession, knowing the entire cuisine of the restaurant business from the inside, "Sergey Mironov shared his opinion
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