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And let's talk about import substitution?

2022 - and again we have this word, as in 2014

A huge number of restaurants are now on foreign meat, fish and other products. Although we have been engaged in import substitution for 8 years

Today we are frantically looking for a Russian product, which is not enough.

We are trying to recreate agriculture. But what have we been doing wrong all these years?

But they simply didn’t really think about import substitution: after 14 years they somehow got out, found other countries, other goods, and calmed down

We developed agriculture, but introduced heaps of norms that hindered it.

Nothing was done, and so that restaurateurs tried to work on a domestic product.

For example, "Meat & Fish" even at the opening focused on import substitution: only our fish, meat, the maximum possible fruits and vegetables, sauces that we cook ourselves from Russian products.

But all this turned out to be much more expensive than buying imported ones. And if the state supported us, other restaurants would follow this example

We abandoned Turkish sea bass, dorado, farmed Chilean salmon and switched to Russian halibut, black cod, and chinook salmon. But it is almost impossible to buy chinook salmon and large sockeye salmon - the best salmon in the world of really good quality: immediately after being caught, it completely goes to Asia.

For many years I have been saying that this is not the way to deal with the local market. The best product should stay here, and the work of restaurants with it should be developed and encouraged, because as a result, today the Chilean salmon has skyrocketed in price, and restaurateurs clutched their heads

And this is only part of the problem: even bringing chinook salmon for a restaurateur is a whole quest. No one was involved in delivering it to Russian cities at all: you go to Kamchatka yourself, negotiate with fishermen, take risks, take them to your city, go through all the circles - it seems that it’s not the work of a restaurateur at all, is it?

“And now there are supply interruptions, all logistics have gone down, the exchange rate is storming, restaurants are looking for products, not knowing what to work with tomorrow, and the guest is suffering. So why did the 14th year teach us all nothing?

Maybe, having received another lesson, it’s time for us to do this already?” Sergey Mironov asked his audience on social networks
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