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In early November, the founder of Meat & Fish flew to Prague for a few days and shared with readers of his social networks a story about local restaurants.

'It 's just not going to get into them like that on Saturday night. Neither those in the center nor those located on the outskirts without preliminary armor will you go. If only to go where the reservation is not accepted in principle, and defend a healthy queue.

It must be said that the speed of service in these restaurants is simply instant. You order, and in 15 minutes, everything 's on your desk. You don 't have time to finish a beer, and it 's worth a new one. Everything is made to make money, and made perfectly. Waiters at age, impeccably work for many years, do everything very quickly, "- wrote Sergey Mironov.

From his point of view, it is quite simple to explain this speed: there are very few dishes in most restaurants in Prague, and all of them are in the blanks. But the revenue here is enormous, because the tables sit down and stand up instantly.

In general, the restaurant always faces this dilemma: a large menu and a long preparation of dishes "from under the knife" (and accordingly, a long wait), or a short menu, work with workpieces, lightning-fast service, removal of dishes and replacement of the guest.

Here in Prague the second method fully justified itself and works simply for excellent. And our Russian restaurants have something to learn, "- summed up the public ombudsman for restaurant business of Moscow.
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