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Where to get the footage? Make them yourself!

At least in the restaurant sector.

Sergey Mironov recently made a publication about this in his social networks.

He told subscribers that Meat & Fish has "replenishment" again —

67 first-year students from RANEPA came here to practice.

These guys will be interning in all restaurants until April, and they will be able to try themselves as waiters and bartenders.

In fact, this will be the first real job for freshmen.

The work is serious: after all, after the certification, boys and girls will be able to get their first salary for their work.

And in addition to these students, the restaurants have accepted 10 more children from the second and third year of the Faculty of Hospitality; they will be interned by administrators and managers of the hall.

Moreover, this practice for students will not be for show: experienced trainers will be engaged with them. Well, the interns themselves will be able to plunge into work with their heads: they will find even the "heat" on February 14, 23 and March 8.

But on the other hand, guys and girls will immediately feel the profession from the inside, and not from lectures or textbooks. And it will quickly become clear to many whether they have chosen the right thing, whether they want to do it in the future.

But why is this "Meat & Fish"? After all, there are a lot of difficulties: students need to be taught, mentors should be allocated, money should be spent on all this.

"This, of course, is true, but, in my opinion, this is the only way to raise a shift in general.

I think that experienced restaurateurs who have already taken place can and should give something to the restaurant market.

For example: good specialists, whom we ourselves are able to teach to work.

And only then will the situation begin to change, and not "great theorists" with diplomas will graduate from colleges and universities, but those very professionals with skills and experience that our field lacks so much today — and already these specialists

then any restaurants will be torn off with their hands.", - Sergey Mironov expressed his position.
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