seasonal product


"From three to five" with Evgeny Satanovsky.

Sergey Mironov became the guest of this program on radio "FM Messages" again.

This time - - Max Belyaev (the director of the department of regional development of FRIO) talked to the co-host about seasonal products at restaurants.

For an hour interlocutors managed to discuss when watermelon happens "moneybox" of nitrates and why there is no seasonal salad with it in the Мясо&Рыба menu.

Oysters and months in which name there is a letter "r" - what communication between them.

And also told listeners that the general between the smartphone and... intestinal infection. As participants of the program noted, air left informative and informative. Sergey Mironov laid out the full version of transfer on the page on Facebook
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