under the sun of sunflowers

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In a role, unusual to himself Sergey Mironov acted in... unusual place.

He paid a visit to the friend Andrey Kovalyov

⁃ founder of a food court "Sunflowers".

to the neena so long ago Andrey came in "Мясо&Рыба" to the air, and now the interview with it was written down in its Moscow mansion.

poltor thousands of meters, rare icons and weapon, pictures and porcelain... The place is Sergey Mironov for fun christened "Kovalevsky gallery". And the host answered that he seriously dreams to open here once the museum of a name of

⠀Как to sleep for three hours a day, to play music, draw and remain much the successful businessman?

the sobesednik told Sergey Mironov about this and many other.

⠀Интервью left mad. And it can be seen in the first releases of the updated Youtube soon - channel.
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