сезон летних террас


From April 1, the season of summer verandahs starts in Moscow. Very soon it will become truly warm, and the restaurant verandahs will be filled by numerous guests. ️

Sergey Mironov made recommendations to fellow restaurateurs, who is best entrusted with the arrangement of restaurant terraces.

"Every year, restaurateurs break their heads, with whom to conclude an agreement for the installation of" pilots. " Some have prices biting, others have lower prices, but there is a risk of missing quality. And the choice is almost always complete torment.

My experience suggests that it is better to deal with this issue with those who do not fail and give an iron guarantee for their products. Of course, we have the right to benefit from money, but we should not be surprised if tomorrow we have umbrellas, or couches fail under our guests. And in response to the claim, we will hear that this is exclusively our fault.

It is customary to share the best with friends, and that is why I want to recommend our strong partners to all colleagues. We have long been in a relationship with the company 4SIS and they are responsible for their head are responsible for their products.

Well, we (in turn) have been completely calm since we first hit their hands with them: after all, we did not spend a penny on what the guests broke, the wind or our employees.

In a word, you decide whether to save on the "pilot." But in my opinion, he always pays skimpy twice, "the founder of Meat & Fish shared his experience with other restaurateurs
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