price madness


Prices from suppliers have been skyrocketing for several days

There are several reasons. Their founder "Meat & Fish" called his subscribers in social networks:

- many goods are bought for dollars abroad, and the rate has jumped sharply

- the dollar is growing chaotically, and some suppliers have either stopped trading, or are selling what they have already bought at a higher price, or they don’t fully understand how much they need to buy and sell goods now

- logistics was broken - therefore the quantity of goods decreased, and prices crept up

It is also unpleasant that not only imported, but also Russian products, which are bought and sold by suppliers for rubles, have risen in price.

And on Monday, the supply of wine was stopped by some wine trading companies.

The toughest will now be restaurants focused on foreign products.

In "Meat & Fish" wild fish from the cold Russian seas and farm meat. But if at the end of summer we could switch to domestic fruits and vegetables, now we are forced to work with imported ones. And in general: many greenhouse farms sell not only their own, but also foreign

Restaurants are already changing something in the menu, in products, but small gastronomic restaurants are mobile here, while large ones or chains are not (they will suffer first).

They need the chef to prepare the dishes, do all the accounting, reprint the menu - and during this time the goods have already risen in price again or changed to a new one.

There will be no global food shortage:

the countries that have now imposed sanctions have not supplied us with products anyway, but the Russian market is still adapting to the new conditions.

It just takes time to change prices and supply chains, after which everything will settle down anyway
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