with ombudsmen in Saratov


How can entrepreneurs speak the same language with the authorities? This topic was recently raised again at a business forum in Saratov.

Sergey Mironov became its speaker as part of the team of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow Tatiana Mineeva.

Such trips to the regions for the capital's ombudsmen have long become a working tradition: meetings with local colleagues are held in different cities of Russia, analysis of their pressing problems, and the commissioners always try to act as moderators between entrepreneurs and officials.

In Saratov, the founder of the Meat & Fish restaurants took part in the round table "The challenges of the pandemic and the experience of entrepreneurs in a new reality". Speaking to colleagues, he said that the main thing in communication with the authorities is a well-structured dialogue. "No confrontation is needed, only the way of negotiations, because civil servants are the same people as us: many were entrepreneurs, which means they understand our problems perfectly and are able to delve into and immerse themselves in them.

At least, we managed to agree on many things in Moscow. For example, on the issues of the same "kuars". And if we take Saratov, then there are both "codes" and restrictions on the operation of restaurants until 23.00. But this is an attempt to copy two

separate norms according to - let's say - the "federal model". In my opinion, the attempt is illogical: after all, if the guests entered the restaurant on the "quar", why expel them at 11?! What are the advantages and what are the consequences?", - Sergey Mironov addressed the audience in his speech.
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