entrepreneurship lessons


Business from the school bench. Sergey Mironov and Tatyana Mineeva held an open lesson on entrepreneurship for high school students of the capital's gymnasium 1596.

Tatyana Mineeva presented the project of the youth school of the commissioner. I recalled that today you can become self-employed from the age of 14, and the purpose of this project is to identify the deposits of future businessmen in the guys and help the younger generation get on their feet. Just for this, a business accelerator is launched for gymnasium students. On weekends, the guys will be able to talk with mentors, voice their business ideas, learn everything about entrepreneurship, and the most successful will then go to a business camp.

Sergey Mironov told schoolchildren how he got into the entrepreneurs himself: he started working and earning at 14, studied at a university, first got into a bar, did not become a lawyer, and by the end of the university he was the director of two restaurants... They talked about why businessmen are not born, but become, and what qualities the real entrepreneur needs.
The guys were vividly interested, asked questions and even asked how high school students can get into waiters. Here I had to answer that for now, alas, in no way: by law, minors now cannot work with alcohol. "But, in my opinion, the legislation in this part could be changed. I gave an example that both I and my children comprehended our profession just "from the bottom." And my experience suggests: you can learn to earn money, truly appreciate it, and in the future, you can become strong businessmen only in this way, "Sergey Mironov shared his experience.
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