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Sergey Mironov took part in a Strategic session with Tatiana Mineeva, where work was underway on a report to the mayor for 2021.

The report of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow will include initiatives of entrepreneurs, and their discussion was held together with representatives of the metropolitan departments.

The format is cool: business and government - literally - at a round table, and, obviously, not for show.

In general, thanks to Tatiana and our ombudsman team in Moscow, we find interaction with the authorities: we communicate, solve issues, and many regions still have great difficulties with this. Entrepreneurs and officials there often do not listen and do not hear each other, which is why illogical norms appear, unreasonable demands come out, and the government sometimes seriously nightmares business. I think the regions should definitely adopt this scheme," Sergey Mironov appreciated the event and expressed gratitude to like-minded people from the Ombudsman's team for the working format.

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