about courage and honor


"Who is a real man protecting?

First of all, your family and relatives.

Then he defends his principles.

And only then — the business in which he is engaged.

But what qualities should he have at the same time? In my opinion, the ability to bear responsibility. And, of course, his words should not differ from his actions," Sergei Mironov prepared such a text for men for the holiday. The founder of Meat & Fish congratulated the stronger sex on February 23.

"I want to congratulate all those who easily recognize themselves in this text. Moreover, it does not matter at all which sphere this person is from. After all, in business, and in politics - and in any other business, it can not do without real men.

As a rule, they are laconic, but after working and coming into contact with them, pretty quickly you yourself can say that this is your colleague, like-minded person and a man of action.

Therefore, on February 23, I just want to shake hands with all those of my colleagues who

protects the rights of entrepreneurs and fights for the interests of business.

Happy Men's Day to all involved!", - concluded Sergey Mironov
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