the Russian product forced out the foreigner


To cook in Russian!

90% of deliveries in the sphere of HoReCa in 2019 were "taken" by the Russian products. Journalists of "A special dish" came to such conclusion. Where there was article about how for the last 5 years consumption in this segment changed.
In the publication it is told that to sanctions of 2014 slightly less than 40% of products in restaurants were delivered from abroad. For example, "milk" From Finland, Lithuania, Poland and some other countries, jamón from Spain and so on. The preference to the European cheeses and dry-cured pork gammon is more often than others then gave restaurants of a premium class. As the Russian producers of anything could not give similar simply. But the summer of 2014 introduced the amendments. And food from the USA, the European Union countries, Canada, Australia and Norway to import forbade because of countersanctions. So, if till 2104 from abroad in a year about 9000 tons of dairy products came, then in 4 years the market of import was reduced almost by 10 times.
But there is also a reverse of the medal. The chef and owners of business were forced to pay attention to manufacturing compatriots. Many fell in love with the markets. And the farmer kitchen became a new trend. The focus at many restaurants was shifted towards chef cuisine. Or primordially Russian. Let's tell, on a cheese plate in many institutions not overseas Brie or Parmesan, and products of the Russian cheese making flaunted.
However, domestic production close all needs of chefs nevertheless could not.
As for Мясо&Рыба network, a domestic product – our bargaining chip. Marbled meat from the Russian farmers, wild fish, seafood from our northern cold waters. The only thing what the owner of network Sergey Mironov – deficiency of a chinook always focuses attention on. And need of state regulation of this question.​​​​
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