Time to make money


The action for investors and those who look for investments in the business took place in capital hotel "Korston". Speakers and guests of a meeting discussed how to keep and increase the capital what financial instruments are more demanded now, perezentovat startups, exchanged the ideas and shared a secret of success of already existing projects.

Suggested to hold own session at a conference also to Sergey Mironov. The co-owner "Мясо&Рыба" told about the dynamic growth of network. Shared with the audience: one of project secrets - the menu from absolute hits. Collected - including - on trips around the world. Ambitious goal: to become world network of more than 500 restaurants, according to Mironov, the inoculation difficulties" will help to reach and ". For the sake of it the first regional restaurant of network in Volgograd was also open. At the moment task "Мясо&Рыба" following: to bring the concept to automatism. To make it such that she without problems got accustomed on any new soil. Sergey Mironov explained and composed success: selected farmer meat without price markup of the prices, refusal of an aquaculture in favor of fish from the Russian seas, special approach to work with recipes, a gastronomichnost (only some marinades at restaurants - over 130 types). And - "a bonus confectionary", coffee, as in the first-class coffee shop, about 200 positions of wine in the wine list and that "emotional service" when to the guest at restaurant treat as kind and dear friend.
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