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Longer - only "Direct Line" at Putin!

Sergey Mironov held a room for restaurateurs in Clubhouse. The conversation dragged on for 2.5 hours

As the well-being of the industry, is it necessary in the restaurant "army discipline," what is provocative marketing, etc. - the topics of the conversation participants outlined a variety of topics.

We talked about the serious. About hopes for the abolition of VAT (which are about to become a reality), about an attempt to change the SME criterion for the sphere (so that restaurateurs can avoid crushing). And in general - about how the restaurant world make "white."

They discussed losses in foreign workers, a two-percent loan with the preservation of 90% of employees (and how this needs to be changed).

And shortly before this room, Sergey Mironov managed to visit another (Tatyana Mineeva first gathered ombudsmen for a "club" conversation).

"It seems that from restaurateurs it's time for me to go to DJs on the radio," Sergey Mironov joked after both rooms. And he recommended to everyone in the future to join such dialogues.

"Add to my clubhouse and ombudsman clubhouse. In the Ombudsman's room, entrepreneurs will have a bunch of useful acquaintances, will be able to directly talk about problems and get help. And in my "chatters" I promise a lot of useful cases and (in fact) free consultations for all cases of restaurant life.

And also, as you understand, we have a lot of fun. Where, for example, will you easily discuss the premium shawarma, the eclectic Dziuba and what can you bite Trump for?, "The founder of Meat & Fish wrote in his social networks.
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