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Leaders of the market in the industries - at a round table.
Brought together 20 people on May 29 the representative for protection of the rights of businessmen in Moscow Tatyana Mineeva.
All these people joined ranks of members of Chamber of public ombudsmen.
Speaking more simply - became Tatyana Vadimovna's colleagues.
Sergey Mironov's candidacy was approved for a position of the public representative in the sphere of restaurant business.
For what the Chamber is necessary? And what public ombudsmen will do in the next year?
In fact, will become those conductors between business and the power about which speak very much recently.
They should accept addresses of colleagues now, to learn about all critical situations the first. And by means of the chief capital ombudsman directly to inform of them officials of the most different level.
Public ombudsmen are waited by exit consultations, expert estimates and personal meetings.
In a word, work is necessary big.
The corresponding memorandum at a general meeting was already signed.
Now colleagues join in the new project and wait for feedback from all interested.
The main task on a new post, according to Sergey Mironov - together to make so that the closed doors for businessmen of Moscow were not.
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