Pancake week in "Meat & Fish"!


The first pancake is not lumpy! 
Pancake week is in Meat & Fish. We invented, played with tastes and tasted so that you say “wow!” to us and our pancakes. At Shrovetide week come to us and try: 
nourishing pancakes with champignon julienne and onion butter 170 g / 480 rub. 
lace pancakes with red caviar and green oil 117 gr. / 490 rub. 
Intricate pancakes with wild salmon, 
cream cheese and cucumbers in green sauce 175 g / 439 rub. 
Rosy pancakes with raspberry sauce, caramel espume and pistachios 125 gr. / 390 rub. 

And may your spring be delicious with Meat & Fish!
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