breakthrough of the year


Sergey Mironov became the winner of the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year". The results of the voting were announced at the annual "Ombudsman of the Year-2021" award

Friends, colleagues, thank you for your trust and support!

In my opinion, the year has been effective for all of us. And the award became its logical conclusion.

Together we have done a great job: the whole country knows about the abolition of VAT for the restaurant business with revenue up to 2 billion and the change in the criteria of SMEs (so that restaurants can have 1.5-1.7 thousand employees). Well, besides that, we have dozens of different victories and successful initiatives - both federal and regional.

We have established cooperation with all ministries and departments, and, of course, we help entrepreneurs every day in "manual mode" — there is no getting away from this either.

Separately, I want to thank Tatiana Mineeva for such a holiday. It's cool that in the New Year's Eve heat we managed to bring together strong professionals in their field and real friends.

I think that each of the nominees was worthy of victory, and the breakthrough of the year is our common victory.

Colleagues and like-minded people, thank you for a reliable friendship and a strong shoulder!

We are working further! Only go ahead!", - the restaurateur addressed the team of ombudsmen from the pages of his social networks
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