stumbling block


When restaurants get paid for... their own shares. Such a publication in social networks was made by Sergei Mironov.

Quite a long time ago, Meat & Fish came up with the idea of giving a gift to regular guests: on their birthday, give a 30% discount on the entire menu.

The mark-ups for dishes here are not at all high anyway (for example, you can take a ready-made excellent Ribeye cheaper than in a supermarket), and this promotion is definitely unprofitable for restaurants, but a gift is a gift.

Naturally, the promotion also has its own conditions: the guest must celebrate the same day and with a company of no more than 8 people (after all, this is a personal holiday).

This action is actively used by guests, many are grateful for it. But in the end, the negative turned out ... much more than thanks.

So what is it for:

1. “Why should I celebrate my birthday in a restaurant the same day? What a disgrace: why can’t I celebrate in a week?!”

Well, really: why not in six months? Or, maybe, you generally always provide a 30% discount? You were definitely born sometime!

2. “I have the card, why can’t I get a discount on my nephew’s birthday?”.

Good question! You must have a big family. Why don't you go to "Meat&Fish" with a 30% discount on a permanent basis? After all, surely one of your loved ones is celebrating a birthday (and let's not forget about the birthdays of friends yet)!

3. "Why can't I put together a 50-person banquet for my birthday?"

Yes, because the losses for the restaurant will be enormous! About the fact that even a 30% discount for a birthday person is initially unprofitable for us.

"It would seem: we make people pleasant, we give a gift. And in the end we rake in full

And here's what to do? Remove stock? I do not accept the proposal to change the conditions and expand it to a larger number of people - otherwise the restaurants will simply work in the red," Sergei Mironov asked his colleagues and friends.
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