blog for hundreds of millions of rubles


Bloggers at the Gaidar Forum: professionally and essentially.

They definitely talked about this for the first time.

The founder of Meat & Fish invented an actual and unusual topic for this forum himself, and then held one of the discussion platforms on it. At this session, together with the bloggers themselves, they examined who is such a modern blogger, whether he needs censorship, how much he earns per month, and for what all the blogger schools work today.

"The time of greasy girls in swimwear on the other side of the iPhone has passed, and the attitude towards bloggers has changed. Top bloggers today are quite capable of receiving from 10 to 100 million rubles a month and collaborating with leading Russian companies, producing content for them. Advertising is increasingly going to bloggers who bite off this market a serious piece. Twists no longer work, they are in the past: advertisers identify them at once, and blogger schools become increasingly popular, bringing tens of millions of rubles to their creators every month.

The blogger has become a real force that can, for example, harm someone's business by filming a compromising video, and indeed: today, the blogger is far from "a director himself." Behind him is a whole team of screenwriters, copywriters, PR managers, and so on. True, becoming a blogger nowadays is also not easy - this market is oversaturated, and there are not many truly bright characters on it.

In a word, our discussion came out urgent and heated. And how do you feel about bloggers?, "Sergey Mironov wrote on his social networks
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