restaurants in the mall


What will happen to restaurants in malls? Everything is ambiguous here. Sergei Mironov told the audience about this on social networks.

He explained: many foreign brands are leaving shopping centers today.

But the situation is not the same for all shopping centers. For example, the same Inditex (in Russia they had 8 brands) was usually located in top shopping centers (and other outgoing brands occupied space in the same ones). Now 10-18% of the leased space in the shopping center has already stopped work.

And very soon their number can grow to 42%.

It is clear that there will be more empty space in the Central Department Store or GUM, and few people will leave the conditional shopping center in Chertanov.

In a word, serious and well-known shopping centers will be the first to suffer. But then again, to what extent? Some will quickly find tenants for the vacated places, while others will be in search for a very long time.

And the very behavior of the shopping center in relation to the departed brands is also very different: after all, these stores did not terminate the lease agreements, but simply announced a technical closure and continue to pay rent.

Therefore, someone will leave them closed - in the hope that they will someday return, and for these shopping centers, of course, everything will be difficult, and someone will terminate the contracts and put new tenants in their place.

But how does this apply to the restaurant business? Yes directly! After all, restaurants in the shopping center work at the expense of those people who came to the stores (this is their main stream). Therefore, most restaurants have already turned to the management of the shopping center with a demand to reconsider the lease (they went to work in full shopping centers, and not in half-empty ones, and they consider it unfair to pay rent at a reduced flow).

“But the difficulty here is that such a problem is not provided for in the lease agreements in principle.

This means that, as in the coronavirus pandemic, all shopping centers will now be divided into partners who are ready to really consider the situation and meet halfway, and grabbers who don’t give a damn about anything at all, ”wrote Sergey Mironov
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