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Should a restaurant designed for an adult guest motivate guests to come with children? Sergey Mironov discussed this with his subscribers.

"You and your wife decided to relax in a restaurant. And at the next table there is a company with children. The children ask to touch the crab on your table, then they start rolling the cars between the plates. Someone is touched by this, and others will say: "Yes, I have my own at home, can I at least stay here with my wife!".

My position is that guests with children have the right to any restaurant, but it is better for "non-specialized" restaurants to think 100 times before introducing a children's menu, trying to earn extra money, exhibit children's rooms or arrange some kind of matinees.

In "Meat & Fish" in certain restaurants, we began to open not just rooms, but children's halls. There are separate games, entertainment, menus for children. One of the most successful examples is our restaurant in "Vegas Kuntsevo": there are sharks, and meerkats, and monkeys, and a maze, and animators. In this hall you can eat with the children. And I believe that it is possible to combine a children's theme with an adult one only in this format.

Of course, for our position we sometimes hear: "Is it difficult for you to bring a children's menu to an ordinary hall?!!". It's not difficult, but these are the rules: a children's menu for a children's hall. The counter-arguments of the guests also sometimes amaze. To the question "why don't you and your child want to sit in the children's hall, where he will be more comfortable," we hear "other people's children are making noise there!"

And another example. I once worked with a restaurant as a consultant, and the owners really asked me to introduce a children's menu. I was adamant (the restaurant is clearly "for adults"), but I was told that the guests were asking. When we finished cooperating, the owner of the restaurant called and said: "We have introduced a children's menu and increased revenue by 20% in two weeks!". I replied: "Wait a couple of months."

What happened next: some of the guests who used to come here in the evenings now sat here during the day with their families, the children ate pizza or burgers, the parents no longer drank, and those who liked the old atmosphere stopped coming here at all. And the restaurant first doubled in revenue, and then closed," the restaurateur shared such a post on an acute topic in his social networks
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