Coronavirus and economy


Not only on health, but also on economy can hit coronavirus. A press conference dedicated to the financial damage caused by this disease was held at MIC Izvestia. Sergey Mironov, founder of Meat & Fish, also took part in it. He stressed that Russian restaurants did not experience big problems with seafood due to coronavirus and, because seafood in our country has its own. But many Chinese restaurants have already started to panic, because they (due to the situation with the issuance of visas) have experienced interruptions with employees.

And in general at the end of January the restaurant market sat by about 12%: guests are increasingly afraid to sit next to people of Asian appearance, around tables with such visitors sometimes a so-called "dead zone" is formed. In short, the restaurant sphere suffers from tangible inconvenience, because winter for restaurants is usually a time when it is possible to make good money. But most of all, coronavirus affected those restaurants that had affairs that were no matter, large setevics are still firmly in line.

About sagging, according to Sergey Mironov, already talked and hotels. The total number of tourists decreased, and some potential guests from China hastened to remove their armor. In general, Sergey Mironov called for a real assessment of the situation with coronavirus and to try to unduly not to inflame the situation.
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