SUPa force


Why do I need a soup? But not the one that is eaten, but the Union of Restaurant Managers?

This question was raised in one of the restaurants "Meat & Fish." The organization, chaired by Sergey Mironov, was officially presented here.

This union under the wing of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers appeared quite a long time ago, and the pandemic once again emphasized how necessary it is.

"During the" crown, "my colleagues and I did not sit idly by: we met with representatives of the authorities... But time has shown how few who are not just engaged in the restaurant business at the managerial level and solve global problems, but know it from the inside, truly burn it and are able to rally to curtail the mountains. Many tasks in recent months I myself have solved precisely as a manager and felt keenly that we need our own powerful organization of managers, a real driving force.

Of course, we have recently managed to do a lot. For example, after meetings in Rospotrebnadzor, the very mechanisms for which restaurants were launched in Moscow and in the regions appeared, and we managed to advance the issue of subsidies for restaurants at the State Duma level. Our work showed that we are listened to, heard and really ready to deal with at various levels.

But another question is if all restaurant managers act as a "united front." Then it will be not isolated voices, but a real "choir" (in the most correct sense of the word), "said Sergey Mironov and invited colleagues to join the Union of Restaurant Managers
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