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Sales of ready meals in supermarkets increased by 50% over the year. And this is at a time when restaurants are losing profits.

"Maybe this is the world balance: somewhere it has decreased, somewhere it has arrived?

While restaurants suffered because of restrictive measures,

due to restrictive measures, profits were lost, the culinary departments of supermarkets grew and flourished.

And it's not even about ready-made salads, but about really complex dishes.

But then I have a question: where is the logic in all this?

After all, it turns out that a person without QR cannot buy food for himself at the food court, I don't say anything about the restaurant at all, but at the same time he does the same thing in the grocery store: with the same cashier, counter, that's just ... without any "codes". It turns out that the culinary departments in stores are ... safer in this sense?

But I can only congratulate my colleagues from supermarkets. Competently integrated into the failing niche!", - Sergey Mironov reacted to the media publications
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