Refined author's dishes

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The theater begins with a hanger, and restaurant - with kitchen. Original, but - at the same time - the most available and clear for the guest.

Refined author's dishes became the business card of Мясо&Рыба network long ago.

But this time we are ready to offer something special.

From March 11 to April 11 our guests are waited by a tasting set from Sergey Lobachyov's brand chief.

High quality Russian product. Own unique recipes. In a tasting set all best traditions of our network connected. So, for 1900 rubles on your table will appear:

✔️ Sevich from a comb with carrot puree and honey and mustard sauce

✔️ Karpacho from an elk with cloudberries and the Dorblu espuma

✔️ the Stake from a chinook with a cauliflower and мисо sauce

✔️ the Cheeks stewed in kvass with vegetables, with cherry potatoes

As art we wait for true judges of food on Tver, 23/12 and at our restaurant in the Rumyantsevo business park - it is possible to try dishes of a gastronomic set only there. Enjoy your meal!

Details and reservation of tables - on the website in the section "Contacts and Reservation"
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