When the chef's harness


Sergey Mironov visited the 2020 cooking intensity from Chef Club Russia.

Two days here in a direct and portable sense burned the best chefs of the country. ‍

Our concept chef Sergei Lobachev held his master class here and prepared tartar from farm beef with Strachatella and anchovies, tartar from dried moose and a scallop dish with carrot cream.

And Sergey Mironov told how the Meat & Fish brand appeared, why today restaurants need a strong franchise and why it is important for the modern brand chief to be not only a creator, but also a super-helmsman in the kitchen: a real administrator, a manager who knows all the subtleties of working with both products and people.

Sergey Mironov also mentioned a restaurant in which it is important to feel at home. So that the restaurant is not impersonal, not just an institution where the guest pays, but they cook it. One of the principles of Meat & Fish is to make the guest involved, emotionally involved, not only interested in visiting the restaurant, but really in love with the place and his kitchen.

"Tell the waiter about some kind of dish chip, about wild salmon, branded steak, already ready, and even cheaper than those sold in stores, our big "Napoleon," which is collected immediately before serving a guest or about pepper sauce, which cooks for 16 hours - and now the guest has touched some kind of secret, for the sake of which I want to return here again and which I pull to share with my friends, "Sergey Miron shared his secret
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