With hotels about restaurants and not just


The founder of Meat & Fish was invited by the Speaker to the traditional annual Hotel Business Forum, where Sergei Mironov was to speak to hotels in Russia, Europe and the CIS.

Communication with colleagues turned out to be cheerful. Sergey Mironov told why restaurants and hotels in our country today are still divided, how to make restaurants in hotels profit and be interesting to guests.

And at the same time - about what restaurant concept will certainly shoot.

Thus, from the point of view of Sergei Mironov, the modern restaurant should stay on such main pillars as: first-class meat at a democratic price, "healthy" fish grown without antibiotics and chemistry, alcohol from famous suppliers in an extensive wine map, coffee is no worse than in the best coffee shops and desserts of its own preparation. According to the Public Ombudsman, the key is also the emotional service and the so-called "legend" of the dish, which restaurant managers and directors should willingly share with guests, thus creating a love and desire to share what they heard. And return to the restaurant again and bring your friends with you.
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