Post about post


What posts should be posted on social media? Sergei Mironov addressed this question to his audience.

It happens: you post a serious, important post - you directly work on it in the sweat of your brow, for a long time and thoughtfully, you raise really relevant topics (both for the restaurant business and for all entrepreneurs in the country)

You put your whole soul into it, but he ... didn’t give up to anyone: some unfortunate hundred likes, there are almost no comments at all

And you post some nonsense that came into your head a couple of minutes ago - and you get a bomb: immediately a heated discussion, hundreds of comments and likes under a thousand.

So how does it work?! Yes, the fact is that people just get tired! And they don’t want to read anything serious or abstruse on Facebook (and even more so on Instagram).

And they want something short and preferably resonant.

And even when you write something good, interesting and kind, again, no one is particularly interested.

And scolded someone, created a controversial topic, hyped, or even gave you the opportunity to spit a little at you - instantly a whole movement is formed.

What are at least my “Friday girls” worth: this column has been a year old, all subscribers have long known that this is a deliberate provocation, but it doesn’t matter: under each post there are both indignant ladies and those who begin to swear loudly, reproaching me in sexism, and girls in venality and "botoxism".

So it seems that social networks are not about expert opinion or intelligence, but more about hype and humor.

But I myself do not despair, and I will not refuse smart posts no matter what," Sergei Mironov said ironically.
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