Friends and associates


Sergei Mironov shared with subscribers the details of the meeting with Anatoly Karpov. The maestro again stopped by for lunch at a restaurant on Tverskaya.

“If someone told me in my childhood that this would happen, I would never have believed it.

As a child, I played chess, I watched the results of Karpov's matches on TV.

But I never thought that one day we would become friends with him!

Now sometimes we meet (Anatoly Evgenievich loves our cuisine), and I help him hold children's chess tournaments in one of the restaurants. And, of course, I really appreciate that I can call my idol, 16-time world champion, like-minded person and friend.

Well, I am still surprised by this - almost like in childhood.

Life is still a very unpredictable and interesting thing!" Sergei Mironov wrote on his social networks and promised his subscribers to go to the cinema on the weekend to see the film "World Champion" - about the historical duel between Karpov and Korchnoi.