with Ombudsmen for Russia


Sergey Mironov and a team of public ombudsmen visited the city of Ulyanovsk.

There, the colleagues met with the vice-governor, inspected local restaurants and took part in the regatta.

"At a meeting with Alexander Kostomarov, I asked why restaurants in the region were restricted from working from 23.00 to 6 am. After all, restrictions on night work are introduced in order to prevent night clubs from working. But then there is no point in limiting the work of restaurants from eleven in the evening. This should be done from midnight: then the club will not be able to earn at night, and the restaurant will perfectly finish its working day.

I asked the Vice-governor to pay special attention to this nonsense.

I have already stressed many times that such restrictions only worsen the situation with the coronavirus, because on the contrary, guests begin to gather more densely in restaurants closer to their forced closure. That's how it turns out that the authorities did not think of something, and the business suffers huge losses.

I really hope that I was heard and the changes to the resolution of the regional authorities will not keep me waiting.

The Ulyanovsk region seems to be thinking about business: it was one of the first to remove all restrictions (unlike the same Rostov region), and then suddenly such a thing happens.

Well, in general, we have a great team! Thank you to the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow, Tatyana Mineeva, for bringing together completely different, but such cool people. The team is strong, we interact in a variety of areas, perfectly complementing each other. Keep it up!", - Sergey Mironov commented on the trip
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