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Law and order in the field of hospitality. Sergey Mironov was invited to the practical conference of the same name

There he told what he was working on as an ombudsman for the restaurant business, as well as how restaurateurs should build relations with the authorities. Until recently, the interests of restaurateurs, the founder of Meat & Fish himself defended only in Moscow and Moscow Region. He examined specific cases, helped solve them. But now his area of interest is restaurants in the regions, since it is sometimes even more difficult to cope with problems on the ground due to the self-government of some officials.

"Sanitary, fire regulations, the forced purchase of juradres when working in a shopping center - opening a restaurant, today any of us a priori becomes a violator. And the main task is to make our entire business work "in white." This is not a loud slogan, if only because there are real steps. Trips to ministries, working groups, discussions and criticism - for example, the issue of subsidies for restaurants at the State Duma level was resolved, although at first (as trading excise goods) we could not think about this. Now I am trying to change the criteria of SMEs for the restaurant business (so that restaurants can have 1.5-1.7 thousand people in employees). We also promote tax changes. First - through the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development, now - we have already secured the support of Moscow and reached the federal level. There should be no sharp movements here, "Sergey Mironov spoke at the conference.

He explained that he is actively seeking a change in the tax on FOT for the sphere, completely "white" salaries and is sure that this is quite real. And also - it requires explanations of the new rules for working with EGAIS - when restaurants are given a very insignificant period for the acceptance and design of alcohol, they constantly write and talk about losses in foreign labor. 60% of such restaurant employees in the capital missed the pandemic. And Muscovites themselves will not go to work as boilers or other similar positions. We need to get these workers back, and also that the opinions of representatives of the restaurant business are always taken into account when making decisions and laws regarding restaurateurs.

Representatives of the Federal Tax Service also took part in the dialogue with restaurateurs at this meeting. "There is interaction here, they hear us, which means that we are waiting for positive changes all together," concluded Sergey Mironov.
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