Happy New Year, with a new dish!


Dear guests! So we will tell those whom we will gather at home at the festive table.

And so we always welcome those who come to us in "Meat & Fish". Our main victory is you. We work for you, we change for you, we become even better. And this is possible only for great love.

Thank you to everyone who was with us in the outgoing year!

And remember: whatever New Year's dishes you choose, the main thing in them is the soul. After all, what is cooked with the soul is our most favorite dish.

This is the main rule of all Meat & Fish restaurants, where you are already expected and where you are always welcome. In the first weeks of 2022, we plan to launch new dishes on our menu: long-awaited and very tasty. We will be glad to hear your honest assessments of our new products!

Happy New Year and see you again in the new year!
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