ombudsman number one

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Last week, Sergey Mironov shared with subscribers the news that the Moscow business ombudsman team is... elections.

We are talking about the election of the best public ombudsman, the brightest representative in his field. The founder of Meat & Fish made a record about this in his social networks.

"2020 is taking place. He was not easy and passed in wrestling, constant work and social activity.

A lot has been achieved, but having achieved some goals, you clearly understand: you need to do even more next "

The team of the business ombudsman of Moscow Tatyana Mineeva nominated me for the Ombudsman of the Year award.

Friends, I appeal to you with a request: vote for the one who, in your opinion, is most worthy of victory. We all need your support!

You can vote on my Facebook page. Note that you need to leave a voice in each of the 11 nominations, "wrote Sergey Mironov.