pancake is not a coma


Pancakes, but not mother-in-law, but... Meat & Fish restaurants! This year, at the Shrovetide week, we decided not to change ourselves, and already the most delicious, fragrant and favorite pancakes for our guests.

On sour cream or starter, kefir, beer and boiling water -- each hostess has her own, unique recipe for this spring treat. Well, according to tradition, we only treat ourselves to what we fervently love. So, in the pancake "pancake menu" of our restaurants you will be greeted with magnificent and hot:

- hearty pancakes with champignon sting and onion butter

- lace pancakes with red caviar and green oil

- pancakes with wild salmon, cream cheese and cucumbers in green sauce

- blush pancakes with raspberry sauce, caramel espume and pistachios

We have been waiting for you since March 8th, a pleasant appetite!
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