captain and his team


March 16, the founder of the restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergey Mironov celebrated his birthday. By tradition, he met his holiday at the workplace, among colleagues.
On this day, Sergey Konstantinovich not only accepted congratulations himself, but also addressed many warm words to his team: people with whom he has been going hand in hand for many years.
"Happiness and health, wealth and prosperity are familiar wishes for any birthday. But today I want to wish all this myself. Of course, not to myself, but to his loved ones.
And first of all - my family and my team. After all, as practice shows, over the years this is almost the same.
These are truly proven and faithful people. Those with whom you can easily go to intelligence.
It is clear that the relationship "boss - subordinate" a priori cannot be simple, and the candy-bouquet period in them can last forever. But (both in the family and in the team) I was lucky with this: people gathered nearby understanding and ready to work.

And this means that we have something to strive for. Together grow, develop and overcome any crises. Last year also checked our relations, but once again proved: my people really remained with me, and the main thing in any teamwork is love and desire. Love for your business and a desire to be even cooler together.
So, friends, thank you all for you.
I was definitely lucky with you, "Sergey Mironov wrote on his social networks.