first among the best


Which of the public commissioners is the most "public" and the most "authorized" - it turned out this week.

Then the rating of the effectiveness of members of our ombudsman team was published. According to the results of the vote, this list was headed by Sergey Mironov.

"This rating is still intermediate, our colleagues and I will summarize the overall results by the end of the year. And our work was evaluated according to a special standard. And although it's too early for us to talk about what 2020 was for all of us, and in general - even pointless (everything is so clear without words), I want to say only one thing: both before isolation, and in the midst of a lockdown, and getting out of it, and preparing for a new one, we worked with public ombudsmen both in our field and together. Proving that together we can definitely move the walls.

How was the leader identified in this vote? With... "self-assessments". And then each public commissioner did not protrude his "I" and did not poke merit, but, in my opinion, on the contrary, criticized himself extremely honestly and harshly.

As our intermediate rating has developed - you see. But I believe that those who are stronger or weaker in it are not. There are only worthy and efficient representatives of the general team - the team of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow Tatyana Mineeva.

Thanks to her for her trust and support, and to all colleagues - for a cool competition

Together we are strength! "- the founder of Meat & Fish restaurants turned to other public commissioners
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